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Anchor Joint Sealing

Anchor are the premier contractor in the specialist fields of Sealant Application, Concrete Repair and Firestopping.

Sealant Application

The premier contractor in the specialist field of Sealant application, Concrete Repair and Fire Stopping.

Concrete Repair & Firestopping

The premier contractor in the specialist fields of Sealant Application, Concrete Repair and Firestopping.

Established Since 1973

Working on new build & refurbishment projects for all major construction and civil engineer contractors.

Established since 1973

Established in 1973 we have successfully worked on new build and refurbishment projects for all major construction and civil engineering contractors as well as directly for NHS Trusts, Private Corporations, Facilities Maintenance Managers and Local Authorities. All of our clients can be assured of a professional approach. Whilst focusing on particular contract requirements and the successful delivery of project objectives, we retain the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the modern day construction programme. 

Unrivalled expertise in all aspects of sealant application.


All environments present joint sealant application requirements and challenges, and over the years Anchor have been able to use their skills to offer a wide range of innovative solutions for many problematical details. Consideration of all available sealant technologies is given for each and every project and the appropriate Polysulphide, Silicone, Polyurethane, Acrylic or MS Polymer technology utilised. The insulation demands of modern construction has led to the necessity of air and acoustic sealant applications. Tasked with achieving the highest levels of air tightness and sound integrity, Anchor use a combination of specialist sealants / barriers to consistently deliver an end product that exceeds the project requirements.

Concrete Repair

Concrete damage due to steel corrosion is a worldwide problem. The visible symptoms of concrete decay include cracking, spalling, rusting of exposed steel reinforcement and the staining of concrete surfaces.

During the corrosion process steel expands causing cracking or spalling of the cover concrete. Left untreated, deterioration will accelerate, seriously compromising structural integrity. Independent cover, chloride and carbonation testing will give an accurate diagnosis of the problem enabling specification of the most appropriate treatment. Anchor offers comprehensive solutions utilising products from all the major manufacturers ranges, and also specialise in resin injection, brickwork repair and the application of protective coatings.


Firestopping maintains the building compartmentation in a fire situation, impeding the spread of flame and smoke by filling openings with heat resistant materials to provide fire ratings ranging from 30 to 240 minutes.

Where services penetrate a fire compartment wall or floor the specified level of performance can be achieved with the use of a variety of firestopping systems. Anchor offer specialist firestopping solutions utilising the most appropriate products from the ranges of all the leading material manufacturers.